Author Heinz Grill

Heinz Grill, was born in 1960 in the vicinity of Soyen in Upper Bavaria. At an early age, after his training as a Medical Practitioner he was already starting to think about how people in their innermost souls could be healed. He came to the realisation that healing came less through outer means in the form of drugs, therapies or exercises, but in every person’s potential I-force. Based on this thought he founded a Yoga Training at the end of the 1980’s and taught in numerous courses, giving lectures about the principals of a modern Spiritual Training, that allowed the possibility for people to develop this I-force.

Because of this activity in Teaching, practical questions arose about the healthy relationship between a student e.g. striving for Spiritual Truths, and the Teacher. On the one hand it is important for a student, that the person who teaches the spiritual content is perceived and honoured in the right way, but on the other hand it must not lead to a handing-over of responsibility and blind obedience.

The balance or the central connection between these two extremes lies in the common goal orientation. Only the same topic or ideal connects teachers and students and simultaneously releases the attachments of spiritual seekers.

Heinz Grill, in his lectures states that a contemporary spiritual training requires a thorough shaping of the soul-forces. These soul-forces are the thinking, the feeling and the wanting. For this purpose many books and brochures have appeared in recent years about how the soul-forces are trained and how the developed skills are placed again in a social context.

Whether in the field of Yoga Exercises, Pedagogy, Medicine, Architecture or Nutrition, the basis for an integral, spirit and world connection, of thought and action, is the activity with concrete ideas, contexts and a research of the spiritual worlds, which are made available by spiritual teachers.

Heinz Grill calls this spiritual training path a ‘New Yoga-will’, (or ‘New Yoga-Empfindung’*) because a characteristic of this Yoga is that it does not begin in the body as with most yoga exercise practice, but has its starting point in the spiritual thoughts of spiritual teachers. This characteristic, that thoughts are the basis for a development of consciousness and not physical exercises, personalized admiration, dogmas or other outward appearances, provides an essential foundation for people’s future development.

This spiritual path enables the individual to lead his own life out of his own initiative, independent from authority, in a new socially oriented, inner freedom which is consistent with spiritual laws.

*Translators note: The German word ‘Empfindung’, as used by Heinz Grill and Rudolf Steiner can be translated as the experience of an inner-feeling, a soul-feeling or higher-perception.