Caring for the Souls of the Dead
Author: Heinz Grill

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Caring for the Souls of the Dead
paperback, 196 pages,
1 colour-photograph, 7 drawings,
1st edition 2005
Translation: Caroline Pick, Karen Patterson
ISBN 978-3-935925-54-9,

When a person dies, the physical body remains behind as the property of the earth and the astral body or the consciousness lives on further. This consciousness is generally known as the soul, which ultimately passes over into so-called heaven. Heaven, as a rule, is a place which we see as above, or which we assume has a subtle, metaphysical significance. Heaven is a place, which we can perhaps describe as the cosmos, as the sea of stars. It is then the macrocosm. But this heaven is not only above, it also exists in the innermost realm of the human being.