The Soul Dimension of Yoga
Author: Heinz Grill

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The Soul Dimension of Yoga
A practical foundation for a path of spiritual practice
hardback, 216 pages
105 colour-photographs, 2 drawings
1st edition 2005
ISBN 978-3-935925-57-0

This Soul Dimension of Yoga is new in terms of philosophy and the experience of contemporary culture. Its practice, method and interpretation have not been derived from previously known paths and yet they lead directly into the sensitive, sacred realm of bhakti-, jnana- and karma-yoga.

A high, inner self-respect is expressed in this yoga. People can discover the spiritual worlds and in the face of the high truths their souls increase in inner self-confidence and self-respect. But once again it should be emphasised that yoga is not a matter to be organised, something done like any other work. This activity is far more a discipline of the consciousness, which is formed from the spirit, from refined thoughts of truth and sentiments of truth and brings an unerring, consistent and stabilising guidance into life.

The soul is experienced in the consciousness when the soul itself recognises the thoughts, perceptions and actions in the light of a spiritual awareness of the truth.


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