The Spiritualising of the Body
Author: Heinz Grill

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The Spiritualising of the Body
An artistic and spiritual path with yoga

hardback, 224 pages
17 colour-, 72 b/w-photographs, 1 foldout
1st edition 2005
ISBN 978-3-935925-58-7

In comparison to the way of practising yoga now familiar in the West, this spiritually and artistically- oriented path of spiritual training places less emphasis on a technical method and more on the uniqueness of meditation in its pictures and choice of words. The exercises have been taken from the broad dimension of hatha-yoga and have a deeper and newer meaning through a living, spiritual vision. This spiritual or super-sensory perspective gives the exercises a sensitive and artistic character, which raises them above a mere training in yoga and gives them that touch of the soul, free of the body.

Reading and working with the texts, contemplating the pictures and repeated practice in following the message leads seeking students to a spiritualising of the body which grows ever deeper and more intense. With this artistically-oriented path of practice they receive that mysterious, other-worldly spiritual fire which leads them from within outwards to initiation and realisation.